Happy 4th of July


Finding Ourselves at Montrose Dog Beach

Marking Our Territory

Rhodesian RIdgeback, Puppy, montrose dog beach, chicago, marking our territory, zeroOver the past few years I’ve learned my dogs are the compass by which I navigate the uncertain territory of my own identity. The needle of this compass does not point outward to true north, but inward to true self. That needle led me across the continent, pointed me down the wedding aisle, lifted me to blissful heights, dragged me through hell, and showed me the way out.  That needle is love. Not the love shared between people, or even the love shared between people and dogs. That needle is my dog’s unmitigated love for the present moment.  And when I let that love guide me, there I find myself. Again.

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Liar, Liar. Pants On Fire

Frank Solanki

They said my pants will catch fire

If I grow up to be a liar

And a hard lesson I will learn

When I lead my pants to burn

But that warning never deterred me

Instead I took it quite seriously

And I sinned and lied and called names

Just to see if my pants caught flames

So I lied and lied and lied again

Till I entered a liar’s den

All my pants caught was dust

But my soul did combust

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